God’s Faithfulness Through Holly’s Journey

Chapter 1

Andrew Taynor


How Becoming a Victim Set Us Up for our Greatest Victory

Some of you reading this have been following along with the rollercoaster journey my wife, Holly, and I have been on the past few weeks. For those of you who are new to all the happenings, I’ll elaborate on things from the beginning to get you up to speed. For the rest of you, this may be mostly a recap, but I’ll fill in some of the details you may not have known.

My beautiful bride!


The week started like a typical week. Holly and I have been doing a detox program throughout 2020 and have seen amazing results in our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

We’ve gotten to the point now where we’ll detox pretty hardcore through the week, and then we tend to splurge on the weekends. Weekends are usually when we eat out after church or have a cookout with family here or there. It may or may not include some trips to DQ for our favorite blizzard!

When we get into this pattern of heavy detox through the week and eating what we want on the weekends, Mondays usually all start off the same. We typically have “eaters remorse” that gets coupled with a light or mild headache. We know this is just our body telling us that it’s not used to the sugar and junk food.

So when Holly told me she was experiencing a mild headache this particular Monday morning, it didn’t sound any alarm bells for us. We just knew we needed to get some healthy food in us and cut out the sugar. No big deal.


Tuesday came around and Holly’s headache was still there. On the pain scale of 1–10, I’d guess it was at about a three at this point. That was a little alarming, but again, we just doubled down on eating healthy and detoxing and assumed the pain would go away at any moment.


Wednesday is when things really started to shift. Holly said her headache had transformed into a migraine at this point. For a normal person, this still might not have seemed like a warning sign, but Holly rarely, if ever, gets a migraine.



Andrew Taynor

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